How to start sex games ?

How to start sex games ?

How to start sex games

Do you have difficulties in initiating this type of activity with your partner? Experts say that the main key to developing erotic games for couples is trust and that partners must have a common interest in sexual exploration. Otherwise there will be temptations to visit a escort Lyon who is not at all disinterested in these games.

Whether it's shyness or fear of rejection, you can overcome these fears. After all, you have nothing to lose if you are sincere and talk to him about your desires, don't you? Try one of these tactics:

  • Bring the topic up, referring to an article in a magazine you recently browsed;

  • Go and buy an erotic game you've heard about and ask your partner if he's curious to try it;

  • Addresses the subject directly. Give her a sexual accessory or offer her a strip poker round the next time you're alone.

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Examples of erotic games to put into practice

  • Strangers in the bar

Go separately to the same bar, flirt with other people, then talk to your partner or the sex game escort as if it's the first time you meet him. It's not just an exciting game, and this will remind you of what first attracted you to it.

  • Orgasm contest

Masturbate next to each other and whoever finishes first is designated the winner. The prize? He helps the other to reach the heights of pleasure and has the right to ask for a special reward. The game can also be tried a sex game escort.

  • Fight with pillows

This game can take the form of a small war, an innocent pillow fight or whatever works for you. The idea is to fight against your partner, to compete fiercely to fulfill a wish in the bedroom. Whoever surrenders first must offer a sexual favor to the other.

  • Santa's bag

Put any sex toy you have in a bag or sack. Challenge your partner to choose one without looking at what's inside, and the choice becomes the accessory of the night.

  • Teacher / student

If you have a fetish with a teacher, this roleplay will definitely be to your liking. For example, you can ask a few questions and, if your partner answers incorrectly or is not good, you can easily hit him with the whip. A sex game escort love to play the role of a teacher.

  • Stripper

Play your favorite song, wear sexy lingerie and wave your body in front of your partner. Go further than that and throw, one by one, the clothes on you.

  • Start and stop

When you have all the time in the world and zero constraints, sometimes this can make you try new and more intimidating things, ironically. So add some borders. Set a stopwatch every four minutes. Try to excite your partner and even take action, and when time has passed, change roles. This game is about trust and consent, and if you feel safe with the other person, it can help weld the bond between you.

  • Awakening of the senses

Blindfold your partner and ask him to lie down on the bed. Challenge him to taste various foods and, during this time, caress him, kiss him and whisper tender words to him. Talk to the sex game escort you are going to visit about this sexual insanity.

  • Try a new sex position every day.

We all fall into ruts. That's fine. So make a simple readjustment to how you're having sex game. And because it's hard to imagine what you've never seen, a sex position guidebook is key. Think of it as an encyclopedia of rearranging your bodies—an academic text. There are enough positions in this one for 366 days of sex. Try to get all those days in a row. The challenge is the prize.

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